Colin Kaepernick was the start of what can be a better NFL

There’s this child I know — and I’m withholding names on purpose here — who once walked into a room where me and his father sat, proceeded to extend his right hand, which was covered in feces, and say, “Daddy, look.” The father had changed hundreds of the 3-year-old’s diapers. He probably thought he had a good handle on things. He’d never seen the kid reach reach down the back of his pants and with a smile — god how he beamed — present his own excrement like a present. The father shot up from his seat, picked up his son, held him so that the child’s hands would be equidistant from his face and any furniture, and threw him in the tub.

That was a big mistake.

“When we had our first team meeting a couple days later, Belichick called the guy out on it,” Stallworth said. “He said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to make sure you have a memorable season because of all the sprints you guys are going to run. You think we’ve already won and are special and we haven’t even put the pads on yet. Well, the best teams are the ones that are in the best shape.'”

Stallworth then laughed.

“Sure enough, we were the best conditioned team,” he said.

Belichick never stopped making sure the Patriots were staying the course even Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys as the 1972 Dolphins began to sweat.

“Nothing ever came out of his mouth about going undefeated,” said Hochstein, who Cheap Queensland Jerseys started eight games for the 2007 Patriots. “That was never our goal to begin with. It was winning a Super Bowl, plain and simple.

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