Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell is helping fans forget about Gordon Hayward’s departure

Jazz fans took a blow July 4 when Gordon Hayward slowly made his exit from Salt Lake City. But Donovan Mitchell turning into the darling of the NBA Summer League is just the glimpse of hope those fans need to forget Hayward’s departure — at least for the time being.

Mitchell dazzled in a loss to the Memphis Grizzlies Tuesday with 38 points, eight steals, and 16 trips to the free-throw line. (Video via Dawkins)

This is Mitchell’s biggest performance since he debuted with 23 points in the Utah summer league.

We know it’s only summer league, and these performances only matter so much. But Mitchell is showing off skills most didn’t know he had at Louisville, which should excite Jazz fans.

Rather than having full and 20-second timeouts, all timeouts will be 75 seconds. The league also cut timeouts available in overtime periods from three to two.

Goodbye to the under-nine minute timeout in the second and fourth quarters. Hello to more flow at the end of games — we hope.

There has been a problem with game length over the last few years, with some games extending to be nearly three hours long. But this new trim on time may have a substantial impact on the way teams around the league manage the game.

Minute management just became a lot more difficult. Coaches have built-in systems where they plug and play different players while managing the minutes of their starters. But with two fewer timeouts, coaches will have to make difficult decisions on how they substitute their starters and how long they can stay out of the game.

Coaches can still rely on dead balls to make substitutions. But let’s say one team goes on a 10-2 run without its star player on the floor over the last two minutes of the half. Calling a timeout Cheap Qld NBA Jerseys to stop the bleeding late in the quarter costs a team much more with Cheap Pirates Jerseys fewer timeouts at their disposal.

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