Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott put sophomore slumps out of everyone’s mind with their best game to date against the Giants’ defense.

The Bears have two special young backs in Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, plus a defense that’s better than you think. But that’s about all they have, as Mike Glennon no longer has any legitimate starting wideouts.

DeShone Kizer looked the part in his first start, and without a bad special teams mistake, he might already have his first win. They have to get better at running the ball and stopping the pass to get a win.

To be the best in the AFC, you have to beat the best in the AFC. The Chiefs had a resounding response to their playoff disappointment by roaring back in Foxborough. Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt need to keep it up as a dynamic offensive duo.

Derek Carr, healther and better compensated, delivered a performance much like he did in most of last year’s games. And oh hello, Marshawn Lynch and some sound defense in Nashville.

But how ’bout that much-maligned Cowboys’ defense?

The competition is stacked with rookie running backs. Fournette is likely to be pushed most by two other immediately featured guys, the Vikings’ Dalvin Cook and the Chiefs’ Karrem Hunt. It also might not be long until Christian McCaffrey (Panthers) and Joe Mixon (Bengals) explode into bigger roles.

But Fournette will be fed the ball heavily from the get-go to complement Jacksonville’s Cheap Nike Jerseys defense and ease the pressure off Blake Bortles. As long as he’s healthy through that Cheap Orioles Jerseys volume — really, the only concern — Fournette’s talent will take over and allow him to take the award.