New York has made the playoffs only four times since the 2001-02 season

There’s plenty of talent on this Jays team that can be traded. It’s a question of who — if anyone — they’re willing to part with. Toronto is probably in better position to move one or two pieces and still be able to compete in 2018.

So what goes into a player’s tradeability? Production, contract, position, depth of position in the farm system, durability, trade market, personality and so forth.

So, on an A+ through F scale (F being unlikely and/or not a great trade candidate and A+ being a great player to trade for both teams involved), here are five Jays who could be on the move before the July 31 trade deadline.

The big man from Georgia — the country, not the state — has filled the role left behind by Andrew Bogut, who the Warriors had to move in order to free up the necessary cap space to add Durant. And he has filled that role nicely. Before Pachulia went down with a shoulder injury Sunday against the Trail Blazers, he was playing some of his best ball of the season.

Pachulia is second in the league among centers behind Rudy Gobert in ESPN’s Real-Plus Minus, which weighs several factors in measuring a player’s impact on team performance. He’s also part of the top five-man lineup in terms of plus-minus (minimum 20 games played) with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Durant and Draymond Green, and he continues to rebound above his career rate (17.6 total rebound percentage in 2016-17 vs. 16.2 career) in his 14th season at age 32.

Still, the Knicks are the Knicks. New York has made the playoffs only four Tampa Bay Lightning Cheap Jerseys Raiders Cheap Jerseys times since the 2001-02 season, and it’s been an organization full of dysfunction under James Dolan, most recently culminating with the firing of Phil Jackson.