Cam Newton’s teammates poke fun at his birthday video by remaking it shot for shot

Several Panthers players were a little upset that Cam Newton didn’t invite them on his birthday party trip — so they decided to remake his famous video, shot for shot.

The new version of the video stars Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen, Ryan and Matt Kalil, and several other players. They might not be in a spectacular location with crystal-clear blue water, but they’re on a North Carolina lake and are roasting an entire pig — so it’s still a pretty good way to spend your weekend.

The gem of this recreated video might be Olsen admiring guard Andrew Norwell’s big booty.

He also forced Mike to take $80 for gas, and while he wanted to give them more, the brothers wouldn’t accept.

It seems appropriate that a team that’s publicly owned would have a pair of its fans help out a player like this. The Packers have some of the most diehard fans in the league — they’ve sat through games in temperatures as low as -13 degrees.

Head coach Mike McCarthy was impressed with everybody involved.

“It tells you about his commitment — both from our fans and Davon,” McCarthy said Tuesday via ESPN. “He knows the importance of it. [Practice] is so limited at this time of the year. And really, outside of Aaron [Rodgers] and maybe a couple other guys, you don’t have veteran players that are pre-CBA that clearly understand the importance of nine weeks as opposed to when you had 15 weeks.”

This is House’s first season back in Green Bay after spending two seasons Cheap Jerseys Mall with the Jaguars. He has to be feeling welcome in his return after an experience like that.

That’s some serious dedication by Chad and Mike. If anybody asks how much they love the Cheap Jerseys Outlets Packers, they’ll always be able to point to that night.

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