What is it the Dolphins are searching for and why can’t they find it

Whether it’s labeled retooling or rebuilding, the Dolphins are undergoing another in a long line of renovations after losing their No. 1 receiver, Pro Bowl center and most dominant defender, respectively, in Jarvis Landry, Mike Pouncey and Ndamukong Suh.

In a sit-down interview at the Annual League Meeting in Orlando, coach Adam Gase acknowledged that his team is still seeking an identity as he embarks on his third year at the helm.

Tepper’s capital (Forbes places his net worth at $11 billion) would give him the ability not just to write the checks necessary to buy the team, but also to invest back into the team and the league. The larger question has been how much Tepper wants in, which has opened the door for an aggressive bid from South Carolina businessman Ben Navarro.

They said when van der Zwaan was interviewed by the FBI in November, he told investigators that Gates had informed him that Person A was a former GRU officer.

Kilimnik ran Manafort’s office in Kiev during the 10 years he did consulting work there, The Post reported in 2017.

During his August 2016 meeting with Kilimnik, Manafort has said he and his longtime Kiev office manager discussed, among other topics, the ongoing campaign, including the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails. Stolen DNC emails had been released by WikiLeaks the previous month and the hack was widely suspected to be the work of Russia.

During Kilimnik’s time working for Manafort in Kiev, he had served as a liaison for Manafort to the Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, with whom Manafort had done San Jose Sharks Cheap Jerseys business. Emails previously described to The Post show that Manafort asked Kilimnik during the campaign to Ravens Cheap Jerseys offer Deripaska private briefings about Trump’s effort. A Deripaska spokeswoman has said the billionaire, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was not offered and did not receive such briefings.

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