Shaquem Griffin was THE story of the NFL Draft. But his contributions on the Seahawks could be limited to special teams in 2018.

Pats Pulpit explores which receivers will need to step up during Edelman’s suspension.

Former San Francisco 49ers players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid Cheap Hockey Team Jerseys are aiming to prove NFL owners colluded to keep them out of the league due to the players’ decision to kneel during the national anthem prior to games in protest of racial inequality and police brutality.

According to their legal representation, led by lawyer Mark Geragos, the influence of President Donald Trump is at the core of their case against the NFL.

Athletes do not have to visit the White House. A new precedent has been set. If black athletes don’t want to shake the hand of white supremacy, the presidency will move on, establish a world without the athlete’s presence, send propaganda to dismantle their vaunted status, and create a day where only his logic reigns.

President Donald Trump canceled the Eagles’ scheduled White House visit on Monday night, and LeBron James, who’s been outspoken against Trump, isn’t surprised. In an NBA Finals media appearance, the league’s star spoke about how he expects neither the Cavs nor Warriors will want an invite to the White House, and how the president’s actions are typical.

LeBron: I actually just found out about it when I was walking up to the podium, I really didn’t digest it enough. It’s typical of him. I’m not surprised. Typical of him. I don’t know … I mean no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite anyways.

A slow start to the year for Testaverde, and finally it’s time to see what one of these young quarterbacks — who have been crushing it in practice and preseason — can do.

Pennington gets the nod — he was the No. 18 overall pick, after all — and excels as a rookie with an NFL-best 104.2 passer rating. Things are getting frustrating for Brady, who is now in year three and still hasn’t had a chance to play in the NFL. The Jets choose not to send Brady to Europe another year, instead keeping him as a full-time third string quarterback, similar to the decision the Saints make with Jake Delhomme.

Luckily for Brady, his three-year rookie contract expires and he can hit free agency in the 2003 offseason. With Pennington looking like a great pick and Testaverde serving as a capable backup, the Jets can stomach their other promising young passer walking.

To prove collusion, Geragos has to demonstrate that owners advised one another not to sign the quarterback.

Geragos may have another card to play. On CNN Wednesday, he suggested the case could soon take a dramatic turn. Geragos added, somebody has decided they were going to dime out the NFL for what they were doing.

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