Cowboys players clearly were upset, and Jones met with his players Wednesday.

According to a report by ESPN, Jones sought to ease the players’ concerns by telling them that he’d made his public comments, which came after Vice President Pence walked out of a 49ers-Colts game Sunday in Indianapolis and cited the protests, to take public scrutiny off Basketball Jerseys Custom his players and put the focus entirely on him.

The problem for the union in New York is that the case involving Tom Brady’s four-game Deflategate suspension played out there, and the appeals court’s decision reinstating Brady’s suspension and reinforcing Goodell’s authority in player discipline applies there as a precedent.

Watched the replay of the loss to the Saints on NFL Network late Sunday night, and I found myself startled (again) by the final stanza. Putting aside the intentional grounding, the 10-second runoff and everything else, that third-down heave to Devin Funchess was close.

On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t pick Houston because the only thing more horrifying than watching the Bengals offense in Week 1 was watching the Texans offense. The Jaguars racked up so many sacks against the Texans (10) that they changed their name to Sacksonville. I mean, if the Jaguars are trash-talking you on Twitter, then your season is basically lost.

First round for Peppers? One of the more intriguing story lines as the first round progresses: Will Michigan’s do-it-all dynamo, Jabrill Peppers, hear his name called?

Peppers was a great and unique college player. But he does not have a clear-cut NFL position. He projects as a safety but might do his best work in some defensive schemes as an occasional linebacker. He is capable of making an impact on special teams as a returner and even could line up once in a while on offense.

“When you take him in the first round or any round — but I think he’s a first-round Bing Cheap Jerseys player — you have to have a plan,” said Mike Mayock, the NFL Network draft analyst who has been mentioned as a candidate for the Washington Redskins’ vacant GM job. “Are you playing him on offense at all, trying to get the ball in his hands? Just have a plan and develop this kid. When he gets in a room, his energy is just contagious. So you’re going to want him in your locker room. You’re going to want him on the field. But you need to know what the plan is.

Mike Conley’s 3-pointer is obviously a video game cheat code

Mike Conley is taking over! The Spurs had an early lead against the Grizzlies, which made Game 4 of this playoff series feel eerily similar. Memphis was in a rut, but they managed to go on a run and this Mike Conley was the exclamation mark.

Thanks to a nicely-timed screen, Conley created enough space to shoot a three but was snagged by the defender anyway. Still, that wasn’t going to stop Conley from draining that.

This is one of those shots you practice in the driveway as a kid, with the hopes that you get to show it off in an actual game. It’s better than that, actually. This is a cheat code shot.

That was a great shot and Mike Conley knows it.

But that leaves Brent Seabrook and Artem Anisimov as the guys Bowman could try to convince to waive their NMCs. Both players are expendable parts of the system relative to some other players, and their contracts aren’t so onerous that it’s impossible to see the other 30 teams being disinterested.

The circumstances make it difficult to see, though. Maybe some team views Seabrook as Authentic Cheap Jerseys being worth his nearly $7 million cap hit, but then you also need to (a) get both teams to agree to a fair trade, and (b) convince Seabrook to waive his NMC for that one team willing to take him.

Could that scenario come together? Sure. It would also be a lot more complicated than Bing Cheap Jerseys trading someone who couldn’t block any deal.

This isn’t going to happen for a lot of reasons, starting with the no-movement clauses. There’s also the matter of selling ownership on trading a big name like Toews or Kane when they’re regularly among the top-selling jerseys in the league. Trading popular players is hard — it’s even harder when they’re three-time Stanley Cup winners who helped transform the franchise.